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Noppies - Baleshwar Regular Fit Jeans - Nautical Blue

Noppies - Baleshwar Regular Fit Jeans - Nautical Blue

Regular fit Noppies Kids jeans. These cool jeans loosely fall along the legs, making sure your little man has plenty of freedom to move. The elasticated waistband includes a drawstring, which can be used to tighten the jeans. Handy: your little fella will be able to put on and take off the jeans himself, as there is no button fastener.

These jeans are made from responsibly produced cotton, the Better Cotton Initiative. Not just beautifully comfy for your little one, but also better for the producers and the environment. Want to shop more consciously? The 'Better Cotton Initiative' is a special training programme for farmers to make cotton production more sustainable. The BCI has taught them, for example, how to produce cotton using less water, chemicals and pesticides.

This item has been given a special washed effect, which has given it this ultra cool look. Please note: make sure you wash this item separately once before use. This is because it may stain lighter materials to start with.