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Mimi & Lula - Assorted Pony Pack - Neutral

Mimi & Lula - Assorted Pony Pack - Neutral

As parents we know how easy it is to lose your kids' hair ponies. Every girls bedroom seems to have a black hole of accessories which swallows them up (along with socks) never to be seen again! We also know what a struggle it can be to tie back hair in a rush without a struggle or cries of "you're hurting me!" We therefore have created a bumper pack of 24 ponies so that if you lose half of them you'll still have 12 left! And you don't need to worry about the fiddlyness of teeny little ponies that only hold about 5 hairs and require serious skills to put in. We've selected ponies which are decent sized and elasticated enough to be easy to put in and actually stay in. If your little one has less hair then just tie it around a few more times. It's much easier than fiddling around with traditional mini kids ones and fully safety tested for kids.

  •     24 in a pack
  •     Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months