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Moulin Roty - Petites Merveilles Kaleidoscope

Moulin Roty - Petites Merveilles Kaleidoscope

A simple and beautiful classic kaleidoscope. This kaleidoscope from Moulin Roty has a lovely printed paper design on the outside and fascinating patterns created by fractured light when you look though the eye piece. Twirl around and look at different objects and light sources to create new and stunning patterns. 

Moulin Roty was established in France over 40 years ago by a group of like-minded family and friends. Following in their cooperative roots, Moulin Roty dolls, stuffed animals, and games continue to be made with the innovative, quirky, and quality-driven designs that are quintessentially French! Although Moulin Roty have grown much since the 1970's, manufacturing millions of toys in France and abroad, their commitment to quality and safety remain stalwart. From start to finish, the creation of each toy is carefully supervised, and ultimately tested and approved by an independent French laboratory before reaching the hands of adoring babies and children the world over.

  • made from sturdy cardboard and plastic viewing lens and end cap
  • measures 17cm