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Moulin Roty - Apres la Pluie Activity Rainbow

Moulin Roty - Apres la Pluie Activity Rainbow

This autumnal-themed rainbow baby toy will have your wee one delighted. With plenty of things to grab and pull, including an acorn to rattle, soft leaves to crinkle, an apple with a mirror and soft raindrops. Can easily be tied onto a crib, stroller, or baby carrier for on-the-go entertainment. We love the unique autumn colour palette and different shapes and textures to stimulate your little one's senses. 

Moulin Roty was established in France over 40 years ago by a group of like-minded family and friends. Following in their cooperative roots, Moulin Roty dolls, stuffed animals, and games continue to be made with the innovative, quirky, and quality-driven designs that are quintessentially French! Although Moulin Roty have grown much since the 1970's, manufacturing millions of toys in France and abroad, their commitment to quality and safety remain stalwart. From start to finish, the creation of each toy is carefully supervised, and ultimately tested and approved by an independent French laboratory before reaching the hands of adoring babies and children the world over.  

  • safe for newborns 
  • measures 29 cm 
  • organic cotton, polyester, and plastic
  • suspended autumnal shapes with bells, crinkles, textures, and mirror