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The Tea Girl - Vanilla Chai - 50g

The Tea Girl - Vanilla Chai - 50g

A house made Chai blend made with organic Assam balanced with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, anise and peppercorns all with the sweet hint of vanilla. Enjoyed black or in a latte equally!

Recommended 6g per 8oz with a 5-7min steep time. Drinks well on its own, but will also take milk too. 

Blenders Notes: Chai possibilities are endless, and can be as distinct as the area or blender who made them. I wanted to make a Chai I could drink without milk as well as steep a long time and make into a latte. I think this is it, the spice to tea ratio is at 50% so there is no lack of flavour. The tea is full leaf, so it can take a long steeping without over balanced astringency. I also love the hint of vanilla that rounds out the cup and supports the spice flavour.